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THIS EPISODE: we speak to Dundee Kim.

Dundee was a two-time amateur boxing champion in Korea. He migrated to Australia, not knowing any English, but worked his way up to become the Associate Director of International Relations, and then the Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University. Since then he founded Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness gym in West End, then opened another gym in Yeronga. He then released his own range of high quality boxing and fitness apparel, and then co-started Dundee’s Fit Education, a fitness education institute offering PT courses

He’s trained countless Olympians and high ranking athletes and fitness models, most notably Jeff Horn. Jeff Horn is an Australian boxing icon who won against Manny Pacquiao in the Battle of Brisbane. He was personally awarded with the World Champion Strength and Conditioning Coach by the Lord Mayor himself.

Dundee came second in a total of 6 men’s physique divisions in INBA Australia near the end of last year, and is soon to be competing in Mr Olympia.


  • David: gin from Liquor Loot
  • Terng: morning coffee
  • Dundee: water

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