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Episode 7 – Cold Pitching – How to pitch your business for sales and PR

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Today we discuss cold calling. We recorded this earlier on, so we may talk about things such as David’s book in the future tense, but it is already out and available (see the link below).

Our work has always involved some form of cold calling – from new business to media outreach for PR. We’re not sales gurus, but share our honest opinions and tips that have worked for us and also the hard truths about cold calling and how it works.

We cover issues such as:

  • What IS a cold pitch?
  • How to get more business (sales) with cold pitches
  • How to not get ignored by businesses you’re pitching to
  • Tools to automate and improve cold pitches
  • How do you get in the media (TV, newspaper, blogs, etc) using cold pitches for PR (Public Relations)?


  • David: Molson Canadian Lager
  • Terng: Pure Blonde Lager


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Terng Shing has his own PR and content agency based in Singapore. He tries not to be defined by his job, but gave up and has leaned into it pretty heavily.

When he’s not working or conducting business over drinks, he is recording an episode for Business Over Drinks. 

Learn more about his company SYNC and what they’ve been doing for the startup community in Southeast Asia. He also has another venture with a business partner in the travel industry, called Travel Wanderlust.

Connect with him on LinkedIn

Find out more about his company and follow Travel Wanderlust on social media on Instagram and Facebook.

David Bobis

David Bobis is an author who has written a few works under both his real name and pen name, Dean Blake. He is about to release a book of illustrations, Everyday A**holes

David was also the Head of Digital Marketing and Partner of Studio Culture – a leading digital marketing agency in Australia, before exiting to work on his books and private consultancy. 

David is a finalist of multiple awards, such as the Telstra Business Award, the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Award, The Optus Business Award, the Brisbane Business News Young Entrepreneur’s Award, a Melbourne Age Short Story Award, a John Marsden Short Story Award and a Brisbane State Library Short Story Award.


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