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Episode 28

Sound like a Pro: a Super-Easy Wine Guide for People who Know Nothing About Wine

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Amy White
Wine Maker

Amy White runs Aramis Vineyards (a McLaren Vale based winery) and L'Atelier Fine Wines, a wine import and distribution company. Together with her partner Darren Davis, they also own the company Davis & White - Queensland’s' first wine auction business.

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Welcome to Business Over Drinks, one of the most unique podcasts you will find anywhere in the world helmed by two people from different walks of life.

The podcast is an extension of their real-life experiences as business owners, salaried employees and industry mavericks who made mistakes along the way and lived to talk about it.

Today we speak to Amy of Aramis Vineyards and Davis & White. 

Amy White runs Aramis Vineyards (a McLaren Vale based winery) and L’Atelier Fine Wines, a wine import and distribution company. Together with her partner Darren Davis, they also own the company Davis & White – Queensland’s’ first wine auction business.


  • How to easily look like a wine expert in front of partners, colleagues, friends and dates
  • Why red, why white? 
  • How to drink wine properly 
  • Penfold’s Grange wine while eating Hungry Jacks
  • ‘Hacks’ on picking the right wines to entertain different kinds of guests
  • Organic wine – is it all hype and marketing?
  • The interesting taste of natural wine
  • Differences between wines, such as merlot, pinot, chardonnay, etc.
  • The biggest mistake the average consumer makes with wine
  • Wine auctioning
  • Don’t forget to check out our wine guide



(reminder: drink responsibly)

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