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Episode 45

Aussies Changing the Entire Snowboarding Industry - Robert Joseph, Anti Ordinary

Business over Drinks interviewee profile - Rob Joseph Anti Ordinary
Robert Joseph

Co-founder of Anti Ordinary, a revolutionary head protection gear brand

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The podcast is an extension of their real-life experiences as business owners, salaried employees and industry mavericks who made mistakes along the way and lived to talk about it.

WE SPEAK TO: Robert Joseph

Rob is a Queensland born and bred startup founder. Spending most of his younger years playing any sport he could get his hands on, he found his own path in action sports. Initially, dirt bikes, moving on to mountain bikes and then a stint competing at cable wakeboarding, he found his true sporting love of snowboarding late in life at age 17.

When not chasing adrenaline, he’d spend most of his time tinkering. After school, he started an undergrad in Medical Engineering, with the hope to combine his love of sport and engineering into some form of career. Originally eyeing off prosthetics for sport, his attention turned to brain protection after experiencing first-hand the pain points of brain protection in action sports. After a look around, he realised there wasn’t really anything interesting or progressive happening in brain protection, so he teamed up with his co-founder Brodie to change the way we protect brains across all categories, starting in the unlikely market of Snowsports.

Rob is the co-founder of Anti-Ordinary. A company that is aiming to revolutionise snow sports, starting with super protective headgear with the twist of it looking exactly like a beanie. But we’ll find out more about that soon. 



  • The Anti-Ordinary Journey: How it began, where it’s going and status updates
  • Anti-Ordinary vs the Big Name Competitors
  • On building the product and what it’s like
  • What it’s like working with a China team
  • Tips on cash flow
  • The serendipitous meeting between Rob and their first investor: Matt
  • Crazy shenanigans and tests done during pitches
  • Why founders should just brawl it out
  • Why kickstarters aren’t what you think they are
  • The importance of finding the right partners

Guest Book Recommendations: 

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • The Search (actually The Rip Curl Story: 50 years of perfect surf, international business, wild characters and the search for the ultimate ride)
  • Any book on Keith Harring- Here’s our pick (Keith Harring Journals)! 



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