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Episode 37

Solopreneur Life - Crazy Business Stories, Running A Guest House, Building Townhouses, Having Huge Forearms - Funny Business Podcast

Business over Drinks interviewee profile - Simon Chap
Simon Chap

Simon is a property developer and manager at Isla House Greenslopes

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WE SPEAK TO: Simon Chap

We’ll be speaking about questions many if not all people are faced with at some point in their lives: what should I do next, and how do I know I’m making the right choices? 

To help us answer this question we’re speaking to a good friend, Simon Chap. Simon, at first, took the usual Asian Australian route – went to uni, got a corporate job. But then he went on to continue his family business and run Isla House. He’s also undertaking a few super easy projects such as building a hotel, as well as two townhouse development projects. 

In between all this, he works as a film and commercial extra, is doing an MBA and has the biggest forearms we’ve seen on an Asian man to date. 





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