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Episode 10

What To Do When Partners Leave, and Marketing During/After a Pandemic Lockdown

BOD Guest Images - Cristaldi
Fil Cristaldi
Managing Director

Fil is the founder of Studio Culture, a website development & marketing agency called Studio Culture supplying all your digital needs. He is also an accomplished breakdancer.


This episode we talk to Fil Cristaldi, the Managing Director of Studio Culture – a leading (and award-winning) digital agency based in Brisbane. It’s worked on clients such as Alibaba, the City Council and all that other fancy stuff.

We cover issues such as:

  • What to do when your business partners leave the business (similar concepts could be used when multiple people leave the company and leave all the tasks to you)
  • How to cope when all the responsibility comes to you
  • How to lift spirits of staff during a tough time – should you be honest?
  • – Should you run an office-based business, or remote work-style business
  • Where should you be putting your marketing after a pandemic? (Facebook, SEO, etc


Every listener/viewer has the chance to win a FREE social media audit on their company’s marketing worth over $4000 from Fil and the team at Studio Culture. Simply either:

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  • Then send us an email at hello@businessoverdrinks to tell us what you’ve done. 

And that’s it!


(reminder: drink responsibly)

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