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Episode 58

How Binance Wants to Get Millions of Australians into Crypto - Binance Australia CEO Leigh Travers - Entrepreneur Podcast

Leigh travers Binance
Leigh Travers
CEO of Binance Australia

Leigh is currently working on growing crypto adoption in Australia as CEO of Binance Australia

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WE SPEAK TO: Leigh Travers

About Leigh Travers

Leigh Travers is the former chief executive of local blockchain technology and payments firm DigitalX.

Leigh is currently working on growing crypto adoption in Australia as CEO of Binance Australia. Binance Australia is a compliant and progressive Australian fintech that empowers customers and corporate institutions to access alternative, low-cost digital assets and products. Since Leigh has joined Binance Australia, the business has grown to over 1m Australian clients and has launched Binance Australia Derivatives to offer wholesale clients crypto derivatives.

Prior to Binance Australia, Leigh was involved in public equity markets, having served as Managing Director for ASX Listed DigitalX Ltd, as well as a brief role as Non-Executive of Aura Fat Projects, which went through a US$115m NASDAQ listing. 

While Leigh was at the helm of DigitalX, the Company had a number of highlights including being the first Public Company to hold Bitcoin as a treasury asset, launching crypto funds for wholesale investors and advising a number of crypto startups. 

Leigh has been involved full-time in crypto markets since 2014 and was a Director of Blockchain Australia for 5 years.


  • Leigh: Coffee from Shelter Cafe in Lennox 
  • David: Green tea, as recommended by Jace Tan 
  • Terng: Water (because he has ‘important meetings’ apparently)


  1. How Leigh got the role of CEO of Binance Australia? 
  2. Why Leigh thinks people should still trust crypto, even in this bearish market?
  3. Using crypto for money transfers
  4. What do you think about netizens pumping and dumping crypto?
  5. How Binance remains a market leader
  6. Could Binance follow the same steps as FTX?
  7. You mentioned before that you think there are too many exchanges in Australia – how do you think the market will correct itself?
  8. How did you react when you saw shit hit the fan with FTX?
    1. What do you say to investors who are worried that Binance can end up like FTX?
  9. Congrats on hitting a million customers in Australia. That’s amazing penetration in a small market. How do you see the potential for growth here?
  10. What are the biggest hurdles you face when it comes to increasing acceptance of the general crypto market?
  11. What are your thoughts on regulation for crypto? Are we in a position to create local regulatory frameworks for what essentially should be a globally accessible currency or asset? 
  12. Where do you see the crypto market going in Australia in the next couple of years?
  13. What are the most interesting crypto projects you’ve seen lately? What’s the most traded on the exchange? 
  14. Top 3 books (or resources) that have positively impacted your life?
  15. Can you tell us more about the upcoming Australia/(QLD?) roadshow?
  16. Can you tell us more about tax reporting service 




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