Episode 24: Facebook and Google Vs the Government – Who Wins in All of This? Chat with Mathew Ingram

Mathew Ingram

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This episode we’re talking about something that’s been bothering a lot of us lately. That is, the topic of Facebook and Google vs the government and major news outlets. If you haven’t heard lately, there was a standoff between Google and the Australian government (to which Google seems to have eventually backed down), followed by Facebook and the Australian government, to which Facebook didn’t back down, but then sort of did after a while? Are you confused yet? What does this mean, and especially, what does this mean for you guys not only in Australia, but who are listening from around the world?

We speak to Mathew Ingram to discuss these issues.

Other topics discussed include 

  • Who’s behind these new regulations popping up everywhere
  • Are news organisations complaining about platforms that give them most of their web traffic?
  • Clubhouse, is it really as stupid as it seems
  • Mathew’s latest article
  • Closed versus open internet

Mathew Ingram is an award-winning journalist who has spent the past two decades writing about business, technology and new media as well as advising media companies on digital strategy. He is currently the chief digital writer for the Columbia Journalism Review, and prior to that he was a senior writer with Fortune magazine, where he wrote about the evolution of media and the Internet. Before joining Fortune, he held a similar position at Gigaom, a leading technology blog network.

You can follow Mathew on twitter @mathewi, to which he has about 89,500 followers.



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