Episode 23. Joel Hauer – CEO, Liquor Loot. Whisky Tips 101, Succeeding in a Competitive Market, Building a Subscription-Based Business

This episode we talk to Joel Hauer, the Founder and CEO of Liquor Loot

Launched in 2016, Liquor Loot is the home of alcohol subscription services, Whisky Loot & Gin Loot, delivering three premium and hand-selected whisky and gin tasters from around the world each month. Designed to take monthly subscribers on a journey from novice to connoisseur, Liquor Loot helps Aussies find their favourite spirit in a fun and safe environment. 

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  • Whisky 101 – where do you start?
  • Building a successful subscription-based alcohol business with no experience in the industry
  • Whisky Loot and Gin Loot
  • How Joel transitioned from running a digital marketing agency to Liquor Loot
  • Benefits and pitfalls of a subscription-based model
  • Running multiple businesses, or focusing on one?
  • Being the sole founder of a company
  • The art of being able to describe the flavour of a drink
  • Joel’s LinkedIn 


Click here for a special deal on Liquor Loot. Remember: drink responsibly! 

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