Building a Shoe Cleaning Empire Across 4 Countries – Ginny Truc To from Shoe Mo – Entrepreneur Podcast

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The podcast is an extension of their real-life experiences as business owners, salaried employees and industry mavericks who made mistakes along the way and lived to talk about it.

WE SPEAK TO: Ginny Truc To 

Co-founder of Shoe Mo, shoe & sneaker cleaning, repairing and customization service brand. Started in 2016 in Malaysia, Shoe Mo now has 12 outlets across 4 countries. The idea came across as Ginny struggled to find a place to send her running shoes for a cleaning when she moved to KL from Vietnam. Then she discussed with her co-founder, then friend, Jack Wong and a few weeks later, Shoe Mo was born right in the middle of the sneaker trends in Malaysia. They managed to grab the sneaker lover market and from then expanded to non-sneaker shoes & bag services. 



  • Introduction of Ginny, Co-founder of Shoe Mo
  • Ginny’s first impressions of Terng
  • Terng’a first impression of Ginny 
  • What was some of the biggest challenge Ginny faced moving to Malaysia 
  • Cultural shock faced 
  • Comparing life and work between Malaysia and Vietnam
  • Malaysian slangs learnt 
  • Coping with the extended Movement Control Order in Malaysia 
  • How was Shoe Mo founded
  • Success strategies when using digital marketing 
  • How to choose what to invest in
  • How did GInny scale her single home-run business to a multi-business market 
  • What are the factors the affected her decision-making process for the business 
  • Biggest mistake made while running the business 
  • Staying motivated during the pandemic




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