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If you’ve come to this page, chances are you are lost or really like our stuff. We hope it is the latter.

Podcast sponsorship has great potential for brands, because we connect best with our listeners and this allows us to be upfront about the products and services we choose to promote.

Why sponsor us

Right people. Right channel.

Well, we need the money.

Apart from that, you get to make your brand cool and stand out in the crowd. Podcasts happen to be one of the fastest-growing content mediums in the world and thanks to Spotify, Google, Apple and the increasing number of streaming platforms, it is freely available to billions of people.

Sponsoring Business over Drinks gives you the edge in getting your brand out there to thousands of people through all our digital channels – streaming, YouTube, social media and more.

Three ways to do it

Types of Sponsorship

Cold hard cash

Yes, we like money. The smell and feel of a crisp note makes us feel certain ways.

What you would get for being a paid sponsor would be exposure to our listeners through shout-outs, branding on our website for the episode(s) you sponsor, social media presence, and our undying gratitude.

Product sponsorship

So you’re a young brand looking to get your name out there. We got you.

We are open to product sponsorship as well – though we can be picky. Alcohol brands (we do drink on the show), tech products (we like tech) and any product you think we’ll love can be exchanged for the following:

  • Shout-out on the show
  • Links in our show notes
  • One social media shout-out

Sponsored interviews

This one is tricky – we do offer paid interviews on our podcast, but we’re very selective. It depends on the guest, the topics they want to discuss and how open they are to being their real selves on the show.

Drop us a note with your guest and suggested topics.