Episode 16: Building Queensland’s Largest Clothing Alterations Team – Clare Sheng from The Fitting Room

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Welcome to Business Over Drinks, one of the most unique podcasts you will find anywhere in the world helmed by two people from different walks of life.

The podcast is an extension of their real-life experiences as business owners, salaried employees and industry mavericks, who made mistakes along the way and lived to talk about it.


We speak to Clare Sheng. Clare is the Director of The Fitting Room and runs Queensland’s largest clothing alterations team. She is also the author of The Suit Book, where she decodes the process of buying and wearing a suit.

In 2017, she co-founded The Modern Gentry, a brand new concept where she introduces like-minded gentlemen to meet. In 2017 she was awarded the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Young Business Person of the Year, the Australian Small Business Champion Award, and a special mention in Business Innovation for the Lord Mayor’s Business Award.


  • Mitolo Jester Cabernet Sovignon
  • Noblesse Chardonnay
  • Black Label


  • Our new BOD Instagram
  • Clare’s company, The Fitting Room
  • Clare’s book, The Suit Book
  • Being a “noble” pharmacist
  • Asian family businesses
  • Leaving a profession to join the family business
  • Clare Sheng’s LinkedIn
  • Finding your niche
  • Making David’s biceps look bigger
  • Running a brick and mortar business during the pandemic
  • How to stay positive during COVID-19
  • Dancing CEOs
  • Women’s Legal Service
  • Clare Sheng’s Dancing CEOs dance
  • What it’s like to go clubbing with David
  • What do men get wrong a lot when wearing suits?
  • Challenges as a female entrepreneur?
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Fashion tips for people like David with a horrible sense of fashion


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David Bobis

David Bobis is an author who has written a few works under both his real name and pen name, Dean Blake. He has just released a book of illustrations, Everyday A**holes

David was also the Head of Digital Marketing and Partner of Studio Culture – a leading digital marketing agency in Australia, before exiting to work on his books and private consultancy. 

David is a finalist of multiple awards, such as the Telstra Business Award, the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Award, The Optus Business Award, the Brisbane Business News Young Entrepreneur’s Award, a Melbourne Age Short Story Award, a John Marsden Short Story Award and a Brisbane State Library Short Story Award.