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Episode 31

Drinking, Picking, Enjoying and Understanding Gin - Tim Laferla, Award-Winning Gin Expert from Gin Loot

Tim Laferla
Tim Laferla
Gin Specialist

Tim Laferla is the Gin Specialist here at Gin Loot. Essentially a professional gin drinker, his role entails sourcing hundreds of gins, building relationships with the distilleries, and, researching, writing and recording content for the brand.

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Welcome to Business Over Drinks, one of the most unique podcasts you will find anywhere in the world helmed by two people from different walks of life.

The podcast is an extension of their real-life experiences as business owners, salaried employees and industry mavericks who made mistakes along the way and lived to talk about it.

Tim Laferla is the Gin Specialist at Gin Loot. Essentially a professional gin drinker, his role entails sourcing hundreds of gins, building relationships with the distilleries, as well as researching, writing and recording content for the brand. 

Tim works with the world’s best distilleries to curate fantastic products for Gin Loot’s subscription service, taking subscribers on a monthly adventure of learning through tasting. Originally from Perth, Tim started his career in hospitality where his passion for the industry took him to the UK. There he worked with world-renowned chef, Simon Rogan, developing an extensive bar and cocktail menu for restaurant bar Mr Cooper’s House & Garden. This was then followed by a stints at upmarket pan-Asian restaurant, Bam-Bou, Fitzrovia and celebrity chef Jason Atherton’s City Social, both of which, under Tim’s tutelage were twice nominated as one of the top ten bars in the world.

On returning to Australia, Tim was employed at Sydney’s iconic Merivale-owned Charlie Parkers and then Scout at The Dolphin Hotel, where his passion for beautiful booze and more specifically gin grew, helping him make the leap brand side to work with newly launched innovative gin subscription service, Gin Loot. 

Tim has received many awards for his innovative approach to mixology. Most notably as the Australian winner of the Beam Suntory The Perfect Blend awards, global finalist for Disaronno’s Mixing Star awards, Imbibe Magazine Bar Personality of the Year, top six UK national finalist for Bols Around the World awards, and UK national finalist for Diageo Reserve World Class awards. 



  • Our wine episode
  • Our whiskey episode
  • Our wine guide
  • Our whiskey guide (coming soon)
  • Our gin guide (coming soon)
  • What a mixologist is
  • How to get a career as a gin expert
  • What a slow gin is
  • Different types of gin
  • “Entry-level” gins 
  • The basic rules of gin and gin hacks
  • The business of gin
  • Gin made of ants
  • Rare and collector’s gins – do they exist?
  • Where the gin market is heading
  • Glassware to drink gin in



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